Chia and Chia Seed-5 Facts About This Amazing Superfood

29 08 2008

Have you every heard or Chia or Chia Seed? This amazing seed packs a powerhouse punch when it comes to nutrients.

Here is a list of  how eating a chia seed product can benefit your health:
  1. Chia seed can lower your cholesterol by the large amount of insoluble and soluble fiber.
  2. Chia seed can benefit you by the three grams of Omega 3 fatty acids for cardiovascular,brain and joint health per serving.
  3. Another chia seed benefit is helping with weight loss. The large amount of fiber contained in chia (almost 6 grams of fiber per 2 tablespoons) and the ability of the fiber to help stabilize blood sugar levels make it beneficial for everyone
  4. Chia seed is gluten free and hypo allergenic so it is suitable for almost everyone.
  5. Chia seeds are one of the most nutrient packed seeds available on earth and consuming chia seed is an easy to add to your daily diet.

Over the last several posts we have discussed the benefit of chia seed as well as the advantages of different type of chia seeds and processing methods.


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23 08 2008

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